Technology in first aid

by | 30 May 2024 | First Aid Courses

Technology  can  be  good  or  bad depending  on the  use.

But  we  need to  know  about the  current  technology that may  help  us in the  first aid  situation.

Smart phones  do  not  have  a  manual.

Medical information on  Smart  phones 

During the  non CPR emergency, call  the  ambalance.

While  waiting  for the ambalacne you  should  try  to keep  the  casulity  as  comftable  and  try  to  keep  them  warm.

Then  compleate the  secondary  assesment,  look  for  any  medical  allerts eg a  necklace  or  a  braclet.

This  information  can  be  stored  on  our  smart phones. It can  be  accessed  by the  first aider  without  unlocking the  phone.

Accessing  the  medical  information

Go to  the  home  screan  it will be  locked.

Press  emergency call

In  the bottum  left  there  is  a  button  for medical information

Now  you can see if they are  asthmatic, anaphlaxic, diabetic,  and if they  have any allergies.


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