Calling 000 do you know waht to do

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It  is  always  better to have  more  than  one  person  ring  than  on one  ring.

Stay  focused, stay relevant, stay on the line

  • Is someone seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help?
  • Is your life or property being threatened?
  • Have you just witnessed a serious accident or crime?
  • If you answered YES call Triple Zero (000). Triple Zero calls are free.​

In  Australia  the  emergency  number is  000 on  both  land  lines  and mobile phones.

112 only  from  mobiles  and  911  will also  both  go  through  to  000.

  • Do you want Police, Fire or Ambulance?
  • Stay calm, don’t shout, speak slowly and clearly.
  • Tell us exactly where to come — Give an address or location.​

When you call 000 in Australia, the operator will ask you a series of questions to better understand the situation and assess the appropriate emergency response. The questions can vary depending on the nature of the emergency.

When  you  ring 000 the  first person  will be  the 000 operator

They  will ask  police  fire  ambulance?

Stay calm Just  say who  you  need.  Eg Ambulance

The  ambulance  will then  ask

What is your  name?

What is  the  address?

Answer the  questions  as  they  are  asked, don’t  rush  ahead. You may  want  to  tell them  about the  emergency  first, but it  is  faster  if  they  have the  address  first.

What is  the  address, you  may know the address of  work  or  home  but if  you stop  to  help do  you know  where  you  are. Use  the  emergency  app,  this  tells you  the street adress, longitube and  latitude and what3words.

What three words developers, divided the world into 3 meter suares and  gave each square a unique combination of three words. Its the easiest way to find and share exact locations.

For more  information about  what3words go  to

Use the  emergency  plus  app  this  is  free on  all  app stores


If this is a life  threatening  emergency  the  ambulance  officers  will stay on the  phone.

If  it is important  but not  life threatening  then  they  may  hang  up leaving  you  with instructions  to call back  if  anything  changes  or  they  may  refer  you to healthdirect for  assessment


Healthdirest  is  a  help  line  manned  by  Registered Nurses. The nurses  will assess  the  situation over the  phone  ad  give advice on the  apropret action.

You  can be  transferred to health direc  or  ring  them directly on  1800022222

Or  go  to


The 000 operator  will go  on  to  ask some  more questions ,  answer if  you  know  but  if  you don’t  know  just  say  you  don’t  know.

What  is  the name  of the  casualty

Are they breathing

What  is  the  nature  of the emergency?



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